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The Archeology Guild (Front)

Archaeology is a feature inspired by the Easter Event of 2013 which involves uncovering various fossils and artifacts by digging. Fossils can be combined with blueprints to create Imbued Blueprints, which can be further combined into Lexicons. Lexicons can be used to craft Relics, which are the most powerful items available on Vox Populi.

Fossils and ArtifactsEdit

Both fossils and artifacts are found through the same means and can be redeemed at the Archeology Guild in Valeria Beach for rewards.


Artifacts are objects of value that can be exchanged for Voxels via the vendor on the first floor of the Archeology Guild.

Common ArtifactsEdit

These are the exchanges that can be performed with the various Common Artifacts, via the common artifact vendor:

Artifact Rarity Reward
Ancient Coin Common 1 Voxel (1 Gold Nugget)
Ancient Writings Common 162 Voxels (2 Gold Blocks)
Old Explorer's Compass Common 162 Voxels
Ancient Jewels Common 162 Voxels
Prehistoric Skull Common 324 Voxels (4 Gold Blocks)
Prehistoric Pottery Common 405 Voxels (5 Gold Blocks)
Ancient Ruby Uncommon 486 Voxels (6 Gold Blocks)

Uncommon ArtifactsEdit

Uncommon artifacts also exist, and can be redeemed via the uncommon artifacts vendor through the warp on the second floor of the Archeology Guild. The uncommon artifacts come in the forms of the primitive tools and bow. Each of these can redeemed for 1296 Voxels (16 Gold Blocks), and the Ancient Ruby can also be redeemed here for the same value as at the common artifact vendor (6 Gold Blocks). The Saber Ocelot Fang is also considered an Uncommon Artifact as is the Caveman Bone, however these are the only one that is used for blueprint scraps.

Epic ArtifactsEdit

These are the rarest artifacts, and function as ingredients in the crafting of Relics. They are all titled "Mysterious Ancient [Item]." They come in the form of a Sword, a Pickaxe, a Staff (Hoe), A Shovel, An Axe, a Chestplate, and a Bow. These items spawn with a durability of 0, meaning that if used they would instantly be destroyed.

Damaged Epic Artifacts are also found, fully repaired armor and a sword.


Fossils are similar to Artifacts in that they can be redeemed at the Archeology Guild, however they have a different use. The only common fossil is Fossil Dust, which can be redeemed at its own vendor for several items. All other fossils are less common and can be used to create Imbued Blueprints, which can then be used to craft Lexicons.

Types of FossilsEdit

Fossil Rarity
Fossil Dust Common
Saberocelot Fang Uncommon
Caveman Bone Uncommon
Ancient Creeper Egg Rare
Fossilized Ender Eye Rare
Crystalized Ghast Tear Rare
Hardened Slime Rare
Fossilized Blaze Heart Rare
Prehistoric Dragon Bone Epic

Fossil DustEdit

Fossil Dust is a common fossil that can be found through various forms of digging and mining, and can be invested in objects such as the Fine Archeologists Pick and Shovel, Diamonds, Voxels, and an Ancient magic scroll.

Imbued BlueprintsEdit

Imbued Blueprints are required to create Lexicons and be obtained by collecting various fossils and trading them alongside an Ancient Blueprint.

These are the deals that the Blueprint NPC offers:

Fossils to Trade Output
Ancient Blueprint + Fossilized Blaze Heart x15 Blaze Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Prehistoric Dragon Bone x10 Dragon Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Hardened Slime x15 Slime Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Crystalized Ghast Tear x30 Ghast Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Fossilized Ender Eye x10 Ender Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Ancient Creeper Egg x15 Creeper Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Caveman Bone x30 Caveman Imbued Blueprint
Ancient Blueprint + Saberocelot Fang x15 Ocelot Imbued Blueprint
If combined with an Ancient Magic Scroll, fossils can be used to create Legendary spells. These spells can only be obtained through Archeology and are titled: SearingPain, Ghastball, BlazeSkin, Dragon, HeroicLeap, ArcaneHeal, EnderWarp, and PestilenceBlade. These spells are just cosmetic replacements of normal spells, and are in no way better aside from the extra fanciness.

Lexicons and RelicsEdit

Imbued Blueprints can be combined with valuable minerals to create Lexicons, which can then be used to craft ultimate weapons and tools.


There are 4 different Lexicons, each of which can create one of two Relics. The 4 different Lexicons are the Lexicon of Defense, the Lexicon of War, The Lexicon of Magic, and the Lexicon of Wisdom. Lexicons function as enchanting books, each with the enchantment Unbreaking I. This means that they could potentially be used at an anvil to give an item the Unbreaking I enchantment, thus wasting the Lexicon.


Relics are the most powerful equipment on Vox Populi, and can only be obtained through Archeology. All Relics are diamond equipment, and most contain custom enchantments. The following is a list of the Relics and their enchantments:

Relic Name Enchantments
Sword of the Goddess (Diamond Sword) Smite VIII, Un-breaking X, Sharpness VI

Hand of Midas       (Diamond Pickaxe)

Un-breaking X, Fortune V, Efficiency X, Midas Touch II
Archangel Staff      (Diamond Hoe) Smite IX, Un-breaking 10, Sharpness IX, and 7 spell power
Dredge                 (Diamond Shovel) Smite X, Un-breaking X, Sharpness V, Efficiency IV
The World Eater (Diamond Shovel) Un-breaking X, Smite VIII, Sharpness VI, Fire Aspect II
Valerian Battle Plate (Diamond Chestplate) Un-breaking X, Protection VI, Fire Protection V, Blast Protection IV, Projectile Protection IV, Thorns I, and 1 defense, 5 health, 3 spell power
Raging Elements    (Bow) Un-breaking X, Infinity I, Flame I, Punch II, Power VIII, and 1 elemental strike


When mining for artifacts and fossils, it is also possible to unearth journals. These are written books that detail the events of various Archeologists. Each journal contains information on how to find certain fossils and artifacts with ease. There are currently 13 journals: Sandy Scrolls, Strange Magic Parts 1 and 2, Rumor of Fortune, Deep Discoveries, Buried Cold, Drifting Magma, Eerie Sands, Problematic Inhabitants, Golden Affinity, Intelligent Society, Evidence of Corruption 1 and 2.

Nether Artifacts Edit

Nether Artifacts are found in the nether world and are used mainly for blueprint scraps.

Fossil/Artifact Rarity Use
Old Burned Book Common 2 Gold Blocks (162v)
Fossilized Bone Ash Common 2 stacks- Ancient Magic Scroll

14- Jeweler's orb

12- Alteration orb

12- Chromatic orb

1 stack- Tome of Dragon Summoning

Gilded Blaze Roze Common 1 stack- Orb of Choas
Aged Gold Meltings Uncommon 3- Blueprint scrap
Prehistoric Artifact Uncommon 3- Blueprint scrap
Crystalized Blaze Fire Rare 2- Blueprint scrap
Preserved Pigman Flesh Rare 2- Blueprint scrap
Ancient Wither Head Rare 2- Blueprint scrap
Solidified Magma Slime Rare 2- Blueprint scrap
Solid Wither Matter Rare 2- Blueprint scrap
Fossilized Ghast Egg Rare 2- Blueprint scrap

Just like in the over world there are Lexicons which use Nether Imbued Blueprints

Imbued Blueprint Secondary Ingredient Lexicon
Wither Imbued Blueprint 36 diamonds Lexicon of Death
Wither Skeleton Imbued Blueprint 32 diamonds Lexicon of Death
Magma Cube Imbued Blueprint 32 diamonds Lexicon of Fire
Blaze Imbued Blueprint 36 diamonds Lexicon of Fire
Ancient Ghast Imbued Blueprint 40 emeralds Lexicon of Life
Pigman Imbued Blueprint 40 emeralds Lexicon of Life
Netherwart Imbued Blueprint 64 emeralds Lexicon of Earth
Gold Imbued Blueprint 36 diamonds Lexicon of Earth