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The Bank in Valeria Beach

Vox Populi has a bank located within Valeria Beach. This bank consists of 3 Ender Chests, and a Currency Conversion NPC

Using the BankEdit

The bank's main purpose is for storing money, however anything can be stored within the Ender Chests inside. It should also be noted that all 3 will contain the same inventory.

The bank can be accessed via the command /warp bank, after a 15 second warmup.

The Currency Conversion NPCEdit

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An exchange with Jim in progress

Jim, the Currecny Conversion NPC is located within the bank at Valeria Beach, he can be used to exchange voxels for Emeralds and vice versa. This is done by placing the specified amount of emeralds or voxels in the trade window, then taking the desired item out of the opposite slot.

Note: There is a shop out front that sells stone axes for 20 Voxels.