As Vox Populi is a PVP server, it should be no surprise there's a bounty system! Some players place friends' names on the list as a joke, other's for revenge. Some bounties come with a fee that a bounty hunter must pay in order to hunt them. However, the fee is lower than the reward, so you will come out on top if you're successful with your bounty hunt.

Bounty CommandsEdit

Command Description
/bounty help Brings up a list of /bounty commands.
/bounty list [page #] Lists the designated page of bounties.
/bounty accept <target> The command for a player to accept a bounty they wish to hunt. 
/bounty view View your accepted bounties.
/bounty abandon <target> Abandon your hunt for a specified bounty.
/bounty new <target> Places a bounty on another player's head with the designated amount of voxels you're willing to pay for the bounty.
/bounty cancel <target> Cancels the bounty you placed on another player.
/bounty locate [target] Locates the specified bounty you're currently hunting.