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Inside the Casino

The Casino is located in Valeria Beach and has several slot machines, each costing a different amount of Voxels to play. There is also a club area in the basement, where there are more slots and a DJ (Who has nothing for sale).

Slot Machines and PrizesEdit

Each slot machine has a list of prizes that scale up with the cost of usage. In order to win, 3 of the same block must be in a row, either diagonally, vertically, or horozontally. Multiple prizes can be won from one spin.

Dollar MachineEdit

This slot machine costs 1 Voxel per spin.

Output Reward
3 Stone Blocks 3 Voxels
3 Lapis Blocks 5 Voxels
3 Iron Blocks 12 Voxels
3 Gold Blocks (Jackpot) 40 Voxels
3 Emerald Blocks (BigJackpot) 100 Voxels
3 Diamond Blocks* 750 Voxels
3 Emerald Ore 3 Emeralds
  • Diamond blocks are displayed as a possible output, but aren't actually on the slot machine.

Ten SlotEdit

This slot machine costs 10 Voxels per spin.

Output Reward
3 Iron Blocks 15 Voxels
3 Lapis Blocks 25 Voxels
3 Emerald Blocks 50 Voxels
3 Gold Blocks 120 Voxels
3 Diamond Blocks (Jackpot) 400 Voxels
3 Obsidian Blocks (Jackpot+) 1000 Voxels

Hundred SlotEdit

This slot machine costs 100 Voxels per spin.

Output Reward
3 Iron Blocks 150 Voxels
3 Lapis Blocks 250 Voxels
3 Gold Blocks 500 Voxels
3 Diamond Blocks (Jackpot) 1200 Voxels
3 Obsidian Blocks (Jackpot+) 4000 Voxels

Bank BreakerEdit

The Bank Breaker costs 500 Voxels per spin.

Output Reward
3 Iron Blocks 550 Voxels
3 Lapis Blocks 1250 Voxels
3 Gold Blocks 2500 Voxels
3 Diamond Blocks 6000 Voxels
3 Obsidian Blocks (Jackpot) 20000 Voxels
3 Bedrock Blocks (Jackpot+) 100000 Voxels

The Casino's ShopsEdit

Within the Casino are NPCs and a Vending Machine, here's what they sell:

First FloorEdit

Guy Behind the Counter
Item Price in Voxels
Water Bottle 1
Bucket of Milk 45 (5 Gold Ingots)
The Vending Machine
Item Price in Voxels
Apple 1
Baked Potato 2
Cookie 3


The Bartenders
Item Price in Voxels
Glacial Water (Bottle of Water) 9 (1 Gold Ingot)
Lon Lon Milk (Milk Bucket) 81 (1 Gold Block)
Long Island Iced Tea (Potion of Regeneration II) 324 (4 Gold Blocks)
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The Basement