Basic Server CommandsEdit

Command Description
/help Displays a list of commands the player can use to look up information. This command is several pages long. The player will have to enter [/help 2], [/help 3], [/help 4], and so on to see all of the /help commands.
/rules Displays a list of information regarding the server rules. This command is several pages long. The player will have to enter [/rules 2], [/rules 3], [/rules 4], and so on to see all rules.
/pvp rules Displays a list of pvp related commands.


Takes you to spawn, where you can travel between the nether, skylands, and normal world. This command costs 1 voxel.
/back If you die in a non PVP manner, this command will return you to your point of death, where you can then retrieve your items.
/warps Displays a list of locations that players can warp to for 1 voxel.
/warp [location] Takes the player to the designated location 15 seconds after the command has been entered, during which the player may not move. Moving before 15 seconds are up cancels the command. 
/portal Portal is a PVP arena area where we hold chest arenas and capture the portal for clans. Bosses appear there at random and it is also home to the black market.
/wilderness Brings you to a random location within the Wilderness where you can build, forage, hunt, and even engage in PVP. 

/tpa [player name]

Will teleport you to the player specified, if they accept. This command costs 1 voxel

/tpahere [player name]

Will teleport the specified player to you, if they accept. This command costs 1 voxel
/tpaccept Accepts a teleport request from /tpahere or /tpa.
/money Displays the amount of Voxels in your inventory, money stored in the bank will not be included in this amount.
/jobs list Displays a list of jobs available for the player to join to earn voxels
/played Displays total play time on the server.
/sethome [name] Creates a home that can be warped to with /home [name], if no name is specified then that home can be warped to simply by typing /home.
/home [name] Will take you to your set home.
/tell [player name] Will send that user a private messege in chat.

Quickly replies to a player that sent a message using /tell, automatically selects the most recent player a message was recieved from.

/welcome This command makes it easy for the player to welcome newcomers to the server. 
/news Displays a page of the most recent server news.
/ticket new [text] If you have been griefed or have an issue use this command to submit a ticket. The staff can then see the ticket and directly warp to where it was created, it is helpful to create tickets involving grief at the location of the grief.




Displays your time playing. Playing 24 hours will upgrad your status from [B] Basic to [Adv] Advanced. Playing 30 days will upgrade your status to [Vet] Veteran.

Town CommandsEdit

Command Description
/town help Displays a list of commands involving /town.
/town Your town's status and information.
/town [town name] Displays the status and information of the desginated town.
/town list Displays a list of all towns in the server and the current number of residents.
/town online Displays the names of residents of your town currently online.
/town leave The command to officially leave your town so you can join/make a new town. 
/town spawn Teleports you to your town spawn point.
/town new [name] The command to create a new town with you as the mayor. Must have 100 voxels to buy the town and enough money to pay server taxes.
/town deposit [$] Deposits the specified amount of voxels into the town funds.
/town mayor ?

Displays a list of commands available to town mayors. 

Check out our Towny page for more info.

Mob Arena Commands

Command Description
/ma arenas Displays a list of mob arenas the player can visit to earn money, items, and level up skills .
/ma join [arena name] Sends the player to the designated arena. Players must remove ALL inventory and armor before being allowed to enter the arena.
/ma leave Once the game is finished, players must enter this command to leave the arena and recieve their rewards.
/ma not ready [arena name] Lists the live players who have yet to mark themselves as ready to play in the arena.
/ma players [arena name] Lists the live players currently in the arena.
/ma spec [arena name]

Transports the player to the spectator area of an arena. Players do not need to remove any items from inventory to watch.