Vox Populi often has events throughout the course of the year. These can consist of custom drops, altered locations, and other unique occasions.

Christmas 2012Edit

On and around Christmas of 2012 the circle in Valeria Beach was altered to feature a giant Christmas tree, and shortly afterward custom fireworks could be obtained via a shop in the Valeria Beach sewers to celebrate New Years. These fireworks are still available at the shop.

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The Legendary Easter Egg

Easter 2013Edit

The Easter event in 2013 consisted of an Easter Egg hunt. Eggs could be found through various means, such as by digging dirt, cutting down tall grass, and killing enemies. The types of eggs consisted of: Yellow, Red, Fluffy, Strawberry, Golden, Diamond, Ender, Rotten, Swampy, Aqueous, Grassy, Candy, and the Legendary Easter Egg. 

The egg types had varying rarities, with Yellow being the most common, and Legendary being the rarest. Only one Legendary Easter Egg existed. This egg was uncovered by ChocoboSlice on 3/31/2013 while the player was digging dirt.

The fountian at Valeria Circle featured an NPC for each egg type that could be used to redeem prizes with the eggs. A variety of prizes could be obtained such as Dragon Eggs and Nether Quartz. This event ended on 4/1/2013.

Hallow's EveEdit

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Stacked Creeper. One of the many mobs from Hallow's Eve

Just this past October, the server celebrated Halloween. The event consisted of about 3 weeks of continuous darkness along with mob spawns being enabled server-wide with no option to disable on personal property. Mob spawns were increased as well as custom mobs being created just for the event. Such as a super zombie that looked reminiscent of the creatures from the game Amnesia. These mobs brought with them unique drops and other items to be collected and turned in for unique weapons and fun trickery. The event ended November 1st at 12AM Pacific Time

Sanctum of Nightmares

Sanctum of Nightmares

This event also introduced the new dungeon, The Sanctum of Nightmares, which has stayed and is accessible through the command (/warp Sanctum) then entering the portal located there.