Mad scientist FTW

My name is Hermsmegerms. But people call me Herms.

About HermsEdit

I usualy know quite a bit about what I am trying to do. When I don't I, learn very quickly. I like to help other people with just about anything. I love making large structures and changing large portions of maps by hand rather than with a world edit tool.

Being new to Vox Populi servers I am still getting the hang of things, but i am enjoying every second of it.  


-Video games


-Legos / minecraft

-Figureing things out



-Peopel with OP Gear repetively killing noobs.

(^Realy... this is my numebr one dislike of all online games don't we want noobs to stay so the game grows?)

-un hlepfull answers to questions.


-Being less than Alive

Current projects:Edit

Me and KillerKehzu are currently cunstructing a large dwarven city in a mountain on the north west (in relation to spawn) corner of the map. If you are interested in joining us, message me in game or send me mail in game.we plan to eventualy turn the dwarven city into a town when we have the funding.