A home is a location specified by a player through the command /home. Once the location is specified the player can freely warp to this location from anywhere else, although this cannot be done rapidly due to teleportation cooldowns and warmups.

Creating a HomeEdit

First, a player should stand in the exact location they would like the home to be, and face in the direction they want to face upon arrival.

Then, the command /sethome [name] is used to create the home. Note: if a name for the home is not specified, it will be created without one.

Players can have up to two homes, and creating one costs five Voxels. Donors are able to create homes above and beyond the two home limit, to an upper limit determined by their donation rank.

A player can also remove a set home with /delhome [name].

Warping HomeEdit

The command /home [name] will return a player to a home. If the home was created without a specified name, typing /home will warp the player home. If a player uses /home and has multiple homes, the chat box will list the homes available.

Warping home is a considered a teleport and is subject to cooldowns and warmups. This means that a player cannot immediately appear at home after entering the command, and has to wait a specified time before they can reuse the command.

The home cooldown is waived at all Donor levels, although warmup delays still apply.