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Jacksaw40 giving presents to Minecraftians in 2011

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Guess who's back! (9/12/13)

Been known on Vox Populi by many names including Jack-Jack, Jacky, Jack, 'Batman, SantaCreep,' and LinkJacksaw40 started in October in 2011. He has been seen with multiple users around this time mainly with Xenofiler. Jacksaw40 started to contribute as any other user being friendly, respectful, and helpful to those around him. Near February 2012 Jacksaw40 mysteriously disappeared from the server unknown of his whereabouts. It wasn't until early October of 2012 that he returned continuing his adventure with new friends including AngelSavio09, Crysoslayer, the Admins, and the new users to Vox Populi. Once TeamSpeak went up Jacksaw40 changed his identity to The Batman. Some of his agriculture was focused on Batman, and before the release of bats he was limited on his ability to continue his roleplay however he founded the town of Gotham and the nation of The Justice League. Not long after he disappeared again, he was last seen in a fresh area setting up what appeared to be a large center with a trunk of a tree. Many events have occured due to Jacksaw40 and it can be stated that he has impacted Vox Populi a great deal.

Memorable EventsEdit

  • During the mass inflation in 2012 Jacksaw40 converted the now useless dollers to priceless items such as diamond blocks, and enchanted golden apples. Once the economy was fixed and balances reseted Jacksaw40's investment left him with a huge fortune only a few can compete with. (Before Minecraft release)
  • At one time characters can choose a class, Jacksaw40 used a class of PigZombie saving him of his loot and ability to manauver around lava and fire without fear. Then later switched to Enderman allowing him quick access to the /jump command. As of now the Creature plugin is removed and the classes are no longer available.
  • The wars of the portal started a massive push pvp including leveling up skills, enchanting gear, and supplying comrades. Jacksaw40 was an organizer against an infamous Maleficvision. Many fights were held against other parties yet Jacksaw40 and his companions stayed dominant. This also started the puplicity of the mob arenas to gain xp quickly for enchanting gear and the spread of donor items if dropped.
  • Gaining Elite was a huge honor for Jacksaw40 however he seemed to begin to drift away from the community  and eventually lead to his second disappearance. His return is uncertain however signs of his return have become often in Vox Populi and friends hope for his return and welcomed stay.