My skin :)

Hi, Im Jpw03 a Mod 
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Made by: DecemberQueen

from Vox populI! :D Just wanted to give a little info about me! :) I'm 17, Assistant in Justitia (Wade and Molly's town), Play soccer, and minecraft often and love helping others.

Reason I joined vox

The main reason I joined Vox was it looked like a TON of fun! (Which proved to be very true.) It was my first server (with more then 3 people) and I didnt know much about mc at the start but with the great staff they helped me learn alot! :D And taught me so much that I decided I wanted to work hard and become a Helper! If I ever change staff positions I will likely try to become a Justicar.

Things I like to do!Edit



Watch soccer


Helping in general 

Helping in Wades town

well thats a short summary of what I liked and if you wanna find out more, Join us at Vox Populi and all of staff are happy to talk/help with almost any of your needs :D Have a great day! :) Jpw03 (talk) 22:47, July 10, 2013 (UTC)