On Vox Populi, players can partake in various Mob Arenas, each Arena has a unique appearance and enemy roster, although they do share similar classes. The rewards of playing MA are leveling up combat skills and earning gold and the occasional special item.


This section is an overview of Arena's appearances, below is information on enemies and strategies.

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The arena itself


This arena is a perfect circle with a single hole in the center, two sides contain fences and gold blocks that can be used as platforms. The structure the arena is placed in consists of mostly sandstone, glass windows allow players to look outside and allow spectators to see most of the arena. There is a blindspot from the spectator room, but a staircase provides access to a lower level where the entire arena can be seen.

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The waiting room in Element


Element is an arena located on the outskirts of Valeria Beach, it is divided into 4 different sections: Fire, Ice, Sand, and Forest.

Each section contains unique fighting conditions, such as sliding around and moving slowly on ice in the Ice area, and catching on fire in the Fire area. The Sand area has a lone pillar and an elevated area with soulsand. The Forest corner has plenty of water, making it a good location to put on fires obtained in the Fire area. It also has a tree.

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The arena's interior


The Nether arena is located in the Nether and is divided into 4 quadrants, similar to Element. However, they all have a consistent nethery theme. The arena is circular and has an obsidian center, extending from 4 points on this centerpiece are soulsand paths leading to edges made of netherrack. The edge areas often have fires, making them dangerous, however luring enemies through soulsand can be beneficial despite those risks. Aside from the + formation, the rest of arena is pure glass with lava below.

2013-01-19 23.04.38

The Cemetery from an obscure angle


This arena is themed just as it's name suggests. Fences seperate the center from the edges, and exposed graves are mostly filled with soulsand. It is possbile to get on the fences that surround the center. The arena is within a swamp biome and has three trees.

2013-01-19 23.24.03

Those who brave the dangers of the jungle get to see a soggy creeper face.


This arena is coated in lush green foliage, and players can peer down from above as they stand in the waiting room. This arena is circleish in shape, although it can be noted that it has the least perfect shape of any arena. It's also fairly small and open, similar to VB. The main difference is the enemy types and the fact that vines along the side can be used as a slight, but not very helpful vantage point. 

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The Interior of the Mansion


The mansion arena has the appearance of a haunted mansion, complete with dimly lit chandelier and stairs that can be climbed. Rooms line the edges of the arena and light up when entered. At the center is a crafting table and chests that can be used to store items. The Arena itself is largely made of black wool nether brick. The spectator room is located on a balcony overhanging the front entrance, which cannot be reached by any other means than death.

Mansion Classes

Iron Sword x 1 Bow x 1
Arrow x 3 Steak x 1
Potion of Healing II x 3 Chain Chestplate, Leather Pants and Boots
  • This class is the one that can get into the action in the Mansion arena, although it is fairly weak and cannot get far without healing support. It can be noted that since enemies drop items in this arena, arrows and redstone can be looted, allowing this class to utilize magic and fire off a few extra arrows. Its ranged ability is very limited, as is its food supply.
Stone Sword x 1 Book x 1
Cake x 1 Splash Potion of Healing II x 12
Coal x 114 Redstone x 156
Golden Chestplate Leather Boots

BoxTar Plays Vox Populi Firefrost Mob Arena-1

BoxTar Plays Vox Populi Firefrost Mob Arena-1



The newest MobArena to the server is is FrostFire. A unique, and large arena with some very unassuming bosses to fight.

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

Some arena's have glitches, and some are unavoidable. Oftentimes these are infrequent occurances that can either benefit or hinder progress. 

Spell ResidueEdit

Spells that create objects such as entomb and wall sometimes leave behind artifacts for various reasons, these can obstruct certain portions of the arena, or provide a vantage point for players. Examples of this can be seen in Nether and Jungle Arena images above.

Boss ResidueEdit

The Kraken is the main cause of this event, and it's somewhat common. When it uses its Flood skill, sometimes the water flow glitches and stays long after the round ends, this water can be used to defeat the blaze boss later on with ease, but hinders movement throughout the arena.

Arena Specific GlitchesEdit

Arenas such as Element and Jungle contain both blocked regions and bosses that teleport players to them. This means that if these bosses are knocked into these areas, they have a chance at teleporting players to them and trapping them. This is easily preventable, as the bosses generally won't enter these areas of their own accord.

Arena ClassesEdit

There are 8 arena classes on Vox populi (Excluding the Mansion classes), each armed with a unique arsenal and effective against specific enemy types. Below the classes are listed with their items.

Wooden Sword x 1 Bow (Infinity I, Punch I)
Arrow x 64 Apple x 10
Potion of Healing x 3 Bone (Wolf Companion) x 1
Leather Chestplate, Pants, and Boots Chainmail Helmet
Ink Sac x 64 String x 64
Iron Sword x 1 TNT x 20
Potion of Swiftness II x 2 Spalsh Potion of Healing II x 10
Splash Potion of Slowness x 16 Mushroom Soup
Potion of Fire Resistance x 1 Full Chainmail Armor
Diamond Axe x 1 Cooked Chicken x 3
Potion of Strength II x 3 Diamond Pants
Diamond Boots: Blast Protection IV
Stone Sword x 1 Bread x 6
Cookie x 12 Cake x 5
Splash Potion of Healing II x 20 Full Golden Armor
Diamond Sword x 1 Cooked Porkchop x 1
Fire Resistance x 1 Full Iron Armor
Golden Sword: Smite I, Fire Aspect I Cooked Steak x 2
Potion of Healing II x 2 Redstone x 25
Coal x 3 Chain Helmet, Leggings, Iron Chest, Boots
Wooden Sword x 1 Cooked Steak x 4
Golden Apple x 1 Potion of Healing x 5
Diamond Helmet, Chestplate Iron Leggings, Boots
Stick x 1 Book x 1
Coal x 128 Redstone x 256
Potion of Healing II x 5 Full Golden Armor

Strategies and TipsEdit

Boss Abilities OverviewEdit

The biggest threat in any arena is its bosses, below strategies will be given for specific arenas, but first, a list of the moves bosses use:

Ability Targeting Description
Kick All Nearby Players Does 1 heart of damage.
Bite All Nearby Players Does 1 heart of damage.
Poison Bite  All Nearby Players Does 1 heart of damage and inflicts Poison.
Throw Target Single Player Launches the Target into the air, causing damage on impact with the ground.
Fetch Distant All Players Grabs every player in the arena and places them at the bosses feet.
Ink All Nearby Players Inflicts Blindness.
Strangle All Nearby Players Deals 2 hearts of damage and 2 points of damage to the hunger bar as well. 
Minion - 1-3 enemies spawn at the bosses feet.
Swarm - 10 or so enemies spawn at the bosses feet.
Warp Single Player The boss randomly chooses a player and appears at their feet.
Throw Fireball Single Player Launches a Ghast Fireball at a random target.
Fire Aura All Nearby Players Lights a target on fire long enough to deal half a heart of damage.
Root Target Single Player Locks the target in place, preventing them from moving for a few seconds.

Disorient Target 

All Players Randomizes the direction a player is facting.
Switch Target (Unsure about the name) All players Randomizes the position of the boss and all players.

Strategies and Tips for Specific ArenasEdit

This section is currently being redone to suit the recent Mob Arena updates and boss changes.


Boss  Wave Moveset 
Shroomy 3
Kraken 7


Skeleton 18


Grobul 28


Boss Wave Moveset 
Snow Golem
Iron Golem


Boss  Wave Moveset 
Giant Zombie 10
Ghast 20


Boss Wave Moveset
Villager Zombie


Boss Wave Moveset 
Iron Golem