Hello, Im nubbie1 from the Vox Populi Server And I wanted to share aEdit

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 few words about me :)Edit

About MeEdit

My name is John Lozo, I am a 13 year old Teen Who lives in Sacramento, California. Im 5'9 Even though, And I thnk you know this, I call my self A hobbit. I call myself a Hobbit because I LOVE the Lotr and the hobbit book series as well as the movies :) I have made a few ( Actually Alot ) friends on the server. Some of which you may know, Like Terilynn, DecemberQueen16, jpw03, quietlikeafox, And Many More :) I hope to see all of you on Vox Populi! :D

Likes And DislikesEdit


-Being Helpful

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-Being Nice To Others


-Video Games

-The Hobbit And Lotr

-Friends :)

-Support For Gay Marriage

-Pets (Dogs And Cats)


-Mean People

-Frickin Dots (The Candy)




-Necco Wafers (Disgusting)