Hello! I'm RiKiSu. I'm Admin at Vox Populi server. I have born in 8.2.1991 and I live in Finland. So sorry if I make alot of typos :D

I've joined server somewhere around 18.10.2011 so I have been here for while now. When I joined server I was the noobiest noob ever but everyone helped me out so thats why I like to help others alot now too. Only problem is that I get sidetracked easily and I go to building zone. Those are times when no one can talk to me because I just don't see anything people say :) So if I'm online but I just won't answer it means I'm in building zone. If this habbens you can allways mail me with /mail RiKiSu


I love flying around map and watch what people are doing. I'm just curious.

I took one of the hardest path to be Admin. Started with Basic builder like everyone else and ranked up from there. So don't even ask did I donate myself to be Admin. And don't ask can anyone in staff op you! It's just stupid.

Thats all for now! 


I used to be in survival like you, but then I took arrows to my head.