Server RulesEdit

  1. No Griefing
    • Griefing is: breaking player-placed blocks, placing blocks on player-made structures, killing player-owned animals, and taking crops that aren’t yours.
  2. Large redstone builds which cause server lag will be deleted.
  3. There are no item refunds for normal deaths and PVP deaths.
    • Other deaths will be looked at by the staff and they will decide if a refund is okay.
  4. Hacks or exploitable mods are not allowed.
    • If you are unsure if a mod is okay please ask staff before using it on the server.
  5. Items on the ground are fair game for anyone to take.
  6. If a chest is unlocked, you may steal from it whether it is in a town or in the wilderness.
  7. Killing other players animals, letting them out of cages/pens, or stealing them is considered grief.
  8. Even if you die in non-PvP areas, its a fair death.
  9. Exploitation of plug-in mechanics is not allowed.
  10. Offensive structures or signs are not allowed.
  11. When asked to leave a players town or house, you are to leave.
    • No arguing.
    • Dont stand waiting outside of their town border either if they ask you to leave.
  12. Do not build near other players towns, or start a town by another players town. They might want to expand someday. You must leave at least 3 chunks (48 blocks) of space between your town and theirs.

Chat RulesEdit

  1. Offensive language, foul language, and going around the censors are not allowed.
  2. Please do not yell at others for offensive/foul language unless no staff is present to do so.
  3. No references to religion.
    • This includes talking about religious figures.
  4. Do not write in chat using all capital letters.
  5. No Politics, Racism, Sexism, or Derogatory speech.
  6. No fighting/drama in global chat.
  7. Do not harass other players.
    • This includes begging.
  8. No advertising, or posting links.
  9. Nicknames must be 14 characters or less in length.
  10. If you are asked to stop doing something by a staff member, you are required to listen to them or you will receive a warning.
  11. Do not spam at all. Spamming includes sending the same message in chat many times, typing symbols, typing random letters, and singing lyrics in chat.
  12. Use colored chat for a few words only, not entire sentences.
    • Do not use dark red (&4).

PVP RulesEdit

  1. Exploiting in-game mechanics/using in game mechanics unfairly in PVP will result in a warning or ban.
  2. Do not kill or try to kill the owners and admins.
  3. Do not kill elites and moderators while they are working on ticket related problems.
  4. Using hacks in PvP is an instant perma-ban.
    • No appeal.
  5. If you log out while combat tagged, your items are dropped.
    • No refunds and no exceptions.
  6. You do not have to return items you take from an opponent during PvP.
  7. TP killing is a bannable offense.
    • If you have a question on what TP killing is ask a staff member.

Staff RulesEdit

  1. Admins and Owners are never allowed to be killed unless they give you permission.
  2. Elites and Moderators are not to be killed when dealing with tickets.
  3. Respect the owners and staff at all times.
    • If you are disrespectful or rude, you will be muted, warned, or banned.
  4. If you have an opinion on something that needs to be discussed with staff, please discuss it with staff in a respectful manner, and privately if possible.


  • If a problem comes up that is not within the rules then staff will take care of it.
    • Sometimes unique situations come up that are not in the rules.
  • If an admin rules on a decision then that decision is final.