Vox Populi acknowledges its players in various ways. These include those who play regularly and those that contribute financially to the welfare of the server. These ranks are represented in Chat by abbreviated titles (as described below) and distinctive font colors for player names.

To learn more about acquiring a title, consult the table below.

Cumulative Ranks /playtime required

[B] Builder

The starting rank that everyone receives.

0 - 23 hours
[Adv] Advanced Builder 24+ hours
[V], [Vet] Veteran

30+ days

Donation Ranks Donation Amount
[ D ] Donor $5
[ C ] Contributor $10
[ E ] Endorser $20
[ B ] Backer $30
[ S ] Supporter $60
[ I ] Investor $120
[ F ] Financier $240
Special Ranks How to obtain
Red Name Become a Vampire
Turquoise Name Become a Werewolf
[MVP] Be the top Active Donor

Only issued by Zombiemold

(e.g. Markiplier)

Staff Ranks Brief Description
[Helper] A rank for chat moderators and extremely helpful players
[Elite] A "Mod-in-training" rank
[MOD] A Moderator for the server
[Justicar] A reserved rank for LordMinion777 and Foxtrot44
[Admin] Administrator for the server
[Owner] Zombiemold and Latin's rank only