Shadow chibi alastor

Shadowlava ChiBi (Made by LadyTapioca)

Shadow lava by lady tapioca-d5pmgly

Shadowlava (Made by LadyTapioca)

My in-game name is Shadowlava people call me Shadow or Alastor.

My birthday is April 29th, 1993.

 I joined the server back in June 3rd, 2012 with my friends named Thundirn and Jarsh12345. After we joined we joined the town that Darthskulls owned and a couple of weeks after that when we got enough supplies we decided to leave and make a town for our project. The town was named Rapture hence our project was creating the town from Bioshock called Rapture. 

 A few months after that I had to move because of personal reasons. After we moved we had no internet for 2 months and during that time the server had a map change and because I was not online I lost the stuff from then. Even after that I came back to the server and now I am alot better off then I was back then and have alot more knowledge now then I had from that time.

 I became a Elite on December 23, 2012 and now I am a MVP on the server. I am enjoying being able to help Zombie with what I can and helping the other players. Currently I am learning guitar, graphic art and design, and going to be starting on java soon aside from what I am currently doing on the server. I am currently looking for ideas for projects and things to work on.

 If you need to contact me and I am not online either send me a message with "/mail send shadowlava <message>" or ask LadyTapioca to contact me. If you can't contact me either way you can add me to skype my skype username is Shadowlava and my current display name is Alastor the Flame of Heaven.
2013-01-21 00.05.27

Screenshot I took of myself by the structure that TheEyeNeedsMore made.