On Vox Populi, players have a variety of skills they can master. They fall into three categories as seen below: Gathering, Combat, and Miscellaneous. Each skill in each category can be leveled up through a variety of methods. The higher your level in a skill, the more benefits the player gets from that skill. 

Gathering SkillsEdit


XP Gain: Digging and finding treasures.


Giga Drill Breaker (ABILITY) - 3x Drop Rate, 3x EXP, +Speed
Treasure Hunter - Ability to dig for treasure


XP Gain: Fishing


Treasure Hunter (Passive) - Fish up misc. objects
Magic Hunter - Find Enchanted Items
Shake (vs. Entities) - Shake items off of mobs with fishing pole
Fisherman's Diet: Improves hunger restored from fished foods


XP Gain: Collect plants and herbs.

Combatible Blocks: Wheat, potatoes, carrots, melons, pumpkins, sugar canes, cocoa beans, flowers, cacti, mushrooms, nether wart, lily pads, and vines.


Green Terra (ABILITY) - Spread the Terra, 3x Drops
Green Thumb (Wheat) - Auto-Plants crops when harvesting
Green Thumb (Cobble/Stone Brick/Dirt) - Make bricks mossy, or make grass grow
Farmer's Diet - Improves hunger restored from farmed foods
Hylian Luck - Gives a small chance of finding rare items
Shroom Thumb - Spread mycelium to dirt & grass
Double Drops (All Herbs) - Double the normal loot


XP Gain: Mining stone and ore


Super Breaker (ABILITY) - Speed+, Triple Drop Chance
Double Drops - Double the normal loot
Blast Mining - Bonuses to mining with TNT
Bigger Bombs - Increases TNT explosion radius
Demolitions Expertise - Decreases damage from TNT explosions


XP Gain: Chopping down trees


Tree Feller (ABILITY) - Make trees explode
Leaf Blower - Blow Away Leaves
Double Drops - Double the normal loot

Combat SkillsEdit


XP Gain: Attacking Monsters


Skull Splitter (ABILITY) - Deal AoE Damage
Critical Strikes - Double Damage
Axe Mastery - Adds bonus damage
Greater Impact - Deal bonus damage to unamored foes


XP Gain: Attacking Monsters


Skill Shot - Increases damage done with bows
Daze (Players) - Disorients foes and deals 4 damage 
Arrow Retrieval - Chance to retrieve arrows from corpses


XP Gain: Attacking Monsters


Counter Attack - Reflect 50% of damage taken
Serrated Strikes (ABILITY) - 25% damage AoE, Bleed+ AoE
Serrated Strikes Bleed+ - 5 Tick Bleed
Bleed - Apply a bleed DoT


XP Gain: Animal Taming, or combat with your wolves


Beast Lore - Bone-whacking inpsects wolves & ocelots
Gore - Critical Strike that applies Bleed
Sharpened Claws - Damage Bonus
Environmentally Aware - Cactus/Lava Phobia, Fall Damage Immune
Thick Fur - Damage Reduction, Fire Resistance
Shock Proof - Explosive Damage Reduction
Fast Food Service - Chance for wolves to heal on attack
  • COTW (Ocelot): Crouch and left-click with 10 Fish in hand
  • COTW (Wolf): Crouch and left-click with 10 Bones in hand


XP Gain: Attacking Monsters


Berserk (ABILITY) - +50% Damage, Breaks weak materials

Disarm (Players) - Drops the foes item held in hand
Iron Arm Style - Hardens your arm over time
Arrow Deflect - Deflects arrows
Iron Grip - Prevents you from being disarmed

Misc SkillsEdit


XP Gain: Falling


Roll - Reduces or negates fall damage
Graceful Roll - Twice as effective as a normal roll
Dodge - Reduce attack damage by half


XP Gain: Repairing


Repair - Repair Tools and Armor
Repair Mastery - Increased repair amount
Super Repair - Double effectiveness
Diamond Repair (50+ SKILL) - Repair Diamond Tools and Armor
Salvage (600+ SKILL) - Salvage Tools and Armor
Arcane Forging - Repair magic items