Where am I? Is this a dream? 

How did I get here?Edit

2013-01-19 18.27.22

Initial Spawn

Either it's your first time on, or you typed in /spawn! Either way welcome to the Vox Populi Minecraft server!

Is this Place real?Edit

Much to your suprise, it is indeed a real place. As far as attractions go, there isn't much in this area, but if you climb that winding staircase you'll find yourself across a very large portal...

A CrossroadsEdit

After you head through the portal you'll find yourself at an intersection of 3 seperate paths.
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It would seem we're at an impasse...

To your left you'll find the SkyLands, the perfect place for those who aren't so much into PvP, but absolutely love building. No mobs spawn (that includes passive), so don't expect too much of a survival experience from it. You can however fly, by double tapping space.

To your right you'll find the Nether. The Vox Populi Minecraft server has a unique nether experience, vastly differentiating itself from the Nether you may be familiar with... ChestHunt, a popular mingame, is exclusive to the Nether, so grab your adventure gear and head out for bounties of treasure that lay in wait!

And straight ahead you'll find the portal to Survival; aka Valeria Beach . Here, you'll find a plethora of attractions, including the housing area, Shopping District, Casino, and even the Mage Tower to complete that list of spells you've always yearned for... Just head in any direction from VB, and you'll find yourself in the Wilderness, where you're pitted to survive, the harshly weathered, Vox Populi Minecraft experience.