Sticks can be used as Wands!

Spells on Vox Populi are from the MagicSpells Plugin, they can be cast with the /cast [spellname] or /c [spellname] command and come in different varieties. Spells have various cooldowns, which means that they cannot be rapidly cast in successon. Spells may be bound to an object for easier casting, but the player doesn't need anything in-hand to cast a spell with a command. Most spells are disabled in towns and other protected areas.

Binding Spells to an ObjectEdit

/cast bind [spellname] can be used to apply a spell to a held object, swinging the object will then cast the spell.

Spells can be bound to most anything, and multiple spells can be bound to a single object. When more than one spell is bound to an object, they can be toggled between by right clicking with the item in hand.

List of SpellsEdit

Sorted Alphabetically

Spell Name Cost Cooldown Description
Agony 1 Redstone and 2 Coal Cause your enemy pain.
Bind Free None Binds a spell to the currently held item.
Blaze 3 Coal and 2 Redstone Summon a blaze
Blind 2 Redstone
Blink 1 Lapis Lazuli,1 Redstone Teleports the caster to where they are looking.
Bloodiron 1 Redstone, 4 Health 400s Pulls the iron from the caster's blood giving iron ingots.
Bloodsurge Passive Skill None When wearing heavy armor, losing more than half your health will cause you blood to surge, making you resistant to damage for a short duration.
Build Builds a block remotely.
Carpet 3 Redstone, +1 feather every 5 blocks Creates a glass square under the player that follows them, allowing them to fly.
Cleanse 1 Redstone Cleanse negative potion and magic effects from your target.
Clearskies 10 Redstone,  1 Bucket Sets the weather to sunny.
Combust 1 Redstone, 1 Coal (Disabled) Sets the target on fire for a set amount of time.
Conjure 1 Redstone Conjure some magical reagents.
Convalesce 7 Redstone Heals all close allies.
Creeper 2 Redstone, 2 Coal Summons a creeper to fight for the caster.
Cripple 2 Redstone Slow down your target enemy for a short time.
Curse 5 Redstone, 5 Coal, 1 Netherwart, 1 Bonemeal, Curse your target
Cuteycow 2 Redstone Caster transforms into a baby cow for a short amount of time.
Cuteywolf 2 Redstone (Not Working) Caster transforms into a baby wolf for a short amount of time.
Dawn 10 Redstone, 5 Glowstone Dust 43195s Sets the time to 0, right at the start of day.
Doppelganger 10 Redstone (Disabled) Disguises the caster as the target.
Dowse 1 Redstone 2 Stone Blocks 600s Dowse for diamond ore.
Drainlife 2 Redstone Drains health from a target and adds it to the caster's.
Dusk 4 Redstone, 1 Obsidian 43195s A ritual that sets the time to 13000, right at sunset. Requires more than one caster.
Empower 3 Redstone, plus 2 Redstone per spell Increases the effectiveness of nearby spells.
Ender 5 Redstone and 6 Coal(not working) Summons an enderman minion to aid you.
Enrage Passive Skill None When wearing heavy armor, losing more than 2 thirds of your health and being on fire will sometimes cause you to enrage, extinguishing the fire and regenerating health.
Entomb 3 Redstone (Disabled) Locks the target in place by temporarily encasing in them in glass.
Erupt 7 Redstone Lava explodes from beneath the target, setting them aflame and dealing fall damage.
Explode (disabled) Causes an explosion at your target location.
Farm 1 Redstone 2 Seeds Grows crops nearby (note: Saplings and Netherwart are not "crops")
Fireball 1 Redstone, 1 Coal Shoots out a ghast fireball in the direction the caster is facing.
Firenova 2 Redstone, 1 Coal Creates a spreading ring of fire around the caster.
Fireshield 5 Redstone Shield an ally from fire.
Fireshroud 7 Redstone Gives all nearby allies fire resistance.
Flamewalk 5 Redstone, 2 Coal, +1 Redstone occasionally (Disabled) Burn enemies around you as you walk.
Food 5 Redstone 400s Summons some magical biscuits.
Forget Free (Not Working) Make a player forget a spell.
Freeze 3 Redstone Sprays snowballs, slowing enemies they hit.
Frostwalk 6 Redstone plus 1 per 50 blocks Freeze water as you walk across it.
Gale 3 Redstone Push back all enemies near you with a gale wind.
Geyser 2 Redstone A geyser of water appears under the target, flinging them in the air. They then take fall damage.
Gianttree 10 Redstone and 5 Saplings Grow a giant tree.
Gills 1 Redstone, +1 more Redstone every few seconds Enables the caster to stay underwater.
Golem 27 Iron Ingots Summons an iron golem.
Haste 3 Redstone Temporarily increases player movement speed.
Haze 2 Redstone Makes your target's vision hazey for a long duration.
Heal 2 Redstone 5s Heal a target player.
Help Free Get information about a specific spell. Syntax is /c help <spellname>
Hex 2 Redstone Weaken a target enemy for a short duration.
Hocuspocus 3 Redstone (Not Working) Conjures brewing ingredients.
Hymn 7 Redstone Heals all your nearby allies.
Invisibility 10 Redstone, +5 more Redstone each 3 seconds. (Disabled) Makes the caster invisible to players and monsters.
Leap 1 Lapis Lazuli 10s Launches the caster in the direction they are facing without fall damage.
Levitate 2 Redstone, 1 Feather Cause your target to fly through the air.
Lifewalk 2 Redstone and 1 Rose, +1 Redstone every few seconds Flowers grow in your footsteps!
Lightning 2 Redstone 10s Calls down a bolt of lightning at the location the player is facing.
Lightwalk 3 Redstone, 3 Torches, +1 redstone occasionally Creates a block of glowstone that follows caster as they walk, lighting areas up.
List Free Lists all known spells.
Meteor 3 Redstone, 3 Coal Shoots a fire ball that explodes and sets fire to blocks and mobs.
Minion 2 Redstone 2 Coal Summons a minion to fight for you.
Monsoon 5 Redstone Creates a short monsoon where you are targeting, pushing back all enemies.
Pain 1 Redstone, 1/2 a Heart Causes the target pain.
Phase 5 Lapis and 10 Redstone Phase through solid matter.
Poison 2 Redstone Poisons the target for a set amount of time.
Prayer 2 Redstone 120s Heals the caster 3 hearts.
Raiseundead 20 Redstone 1 Lapis Raise a horde of undead minions to fight for you.
Reach 3 Redstone Place and (instantly) destroy blocks from a distance for a time.
Reflect 3 Redstone + 1 Rdstone per spell Causes spells casted at you to reflect back to the caster.
Renew 5 Redstone Heals target over time
Repair 10 Redstone Repairs your gold weapons.
Roar Free 5s Forces nearby enemies to attack you.
Safefall 2 Redstone, +1 Feather each time you fall Allows you to fall without taking damage for a short duration.
Scroll Cost = the binding spell's cost x number of uses Creates a spell scroll that can be used to cast spells if you know the spell. Has a limited number of uses. This spell will prevent paper from stacking. Usage: while holding a piece of paper, type /cast scroll <spellname> [uses].
Shadowstep 2 Redstone, 1 Lapis Lazuli Teleports caster behind target.
Shiftcat 10 Redstone (Not Working) Turns the caster into a cat for a set amount of time.
Shiftcreeper 10 Redstone Turns the caster into a creeper for a set amount of time.
Shiftenderman 10 Redstone Turns the caster into an enderman for a set amount of time.
Shiftgolem 15 Redstone (Not Working) Turns the caster into an iron golem for a set amount of time.
Shiftskele 5 Redstone (Not Working) Turns the caster into a skeleton for a set amount of time.
Shiftslime Turns the caster into a slime for a set amount of time.
Shiftspider 5 Redstone (Not Working) 400s Turns the caster into a spider for a set amount of time.
Shiftzombie 5 Redstone (Not Working) Turns the caster into a zombie for a set amount of time.
Silence 3 Redstone Prevent a player from casting spells
Spider 5 Redstone and 2 Coal
Stoneskin 15 Redstone Makes the caster invulnerable to damage for 5 seconds.
Stonevision 10 Redstone, 5 Stone, and 5 Glass Allows the caster to see through stone.
Stormblock 7 Redstone Places a "StormBlock" at the target location, and strikes lightning at all targets nearby.
Strengthen 5 Redstone Increases strength of target ally for a short period of time.
Summon 20 Redstone Summon another player to your position. This ritual requires 3 players.
Switch 5 Redstone The caster switches position with the target.
Teach Free 43190s Teaches the target player a specified spell.
Tome Free Create a tome that teaches a spell.
Unbind Free Unbinds a spell from its assigned wand item.
Wall 2 Redstone Creates a temporary wall to block your enemies.
Zephyr 2 Redstone Blows an enemy into the air with a zephyr wind.

Mage TowerEdit

2013-01-23 16.11.35

The Mage Tower

The Mage Tower is a location in Vox Populi where players can purchase spells. It has 4 floors, and sells spells on 3 of them. The first floor also sells reagents for casting spells and blank paper.

First FloorEdit

The First Floor of the tower has spells for sale along the walls, and NPCs that sell spells as well.

In the Tower, a few spells are sold multiple times, some for better prices than others, as such I have created a little key to identify these deals:

Bold This is the best deal for this spell on the server.
Italics There is a better deal for this spell elsewhere.
Name with * There is another location where this spell is for sale for this price.
Quickshop Spells
Spell Name Price in Voxels
Fireball 18 (2 Gold Ingots)
Minion 81 (1 Gold Block)
Cripple 81
Lightning 81
Combust 81


Gills 81
Entomb 81
Stoneskin 81
Silence 81




Haste 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Hex 162
Erupt 162
Meteor 162
Poison 162
Curse* 243 (3 Gold Blocks)
Spider* 243
NPC 1 (Purple)
Spell Name Price in Voxels
Fireball 18 (2 Gold Ingots)
Minion 81 (1 Gold Block)
Cripple 81
Lightning 81
Stoneskin 81
Silence 81
Prayer 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Poison 162
NPC 2 (Green)
Spell Name Price in Voxels
Shiftzombie 405 (5 Gold Blocks)
Shiftspider 405
Shiftskele 405
Shiftenderman 405
Shiftcreeper 405
Shiftgolem 405
Shiftcat 405
NPC 3 (Blacksmith)
Spell Name Price in Voxels
Blind 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Switch 243 (3 Gold Blocks)
Dowse 324 (4 Gold Blocks)
Dusk 405 (5 Gold Blocks)
Stormblock 972 (12 Gold Blocks)
NPC 4 (White)
Spell Name Price in Voxels
Entomb 18 (2 Gold Ingots)
Gills 27 (3 Gold Ingots)
Blink* 81 (1 Gold Block)
Haste 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Erupt 162
Meteor 162
Curse* 243 (3 Gold Blocks)
Spider* 243

Second FloorEdit

Spell Name Price in Voxels
Build 81 (1 Gold Block)
Drainlife 81
Clearskies 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Cuteywolf 162
Raiseundead 162
Shiftslime 162
Creeper 162
Curse 162
Dusk 162


Zephyr 162
Freeze 162
Monsoon 162
Gale 162
Firenova 162
Invisibility 162
Haze 162
Farm 243 (3 Gold Blocks)
Hocuspocus 243
Convalesce 243


Empower 243


Third FloorEdit

Spell Name Price in Voxels
Flamewalk 81 (1 Gold Block)
Frostwalk 81
Geyser 81
Reach 81
Lightwalk 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Levitate 162
Reflect 162
Fireshield 243 (3 Gold Blocks)
Food 243
Erupt 243
Safe Fall 243
Scroll 243
Shadowstep 243
Fireshroud 400

Fourth FloorEdit

Spell/Item Name Price in Voxels
Cobblestone* 1
Paper* 40
Roar 81 (1 Gold Block)
Renew 164
Strengthen 164 
Teach 40000
  • Items with a * are not spells

Mage Tower TriviaEdit

  • Many different spells are for sale
    2013-01-23 16.11.44

    Mage Tower Interior

    multiple times, oftentimes with one deal being better than the other.
  • It is possible to climb up to the roof of the tower using the vines on the sides and then climbing up the backside, where a few mising blocks at the top allow roof access.
  • Several spells have a cost that does not round evenly to an amount of blocks, it assumed this is a mistake since these prices are very close to a rounded number and most spells have prices that do this. Ex. 400 Voxels for Fireshroud, 405 Voxels is 5 Gold Blocks.

Valeria Beach Spell ShopEdit

2013-04-02 00.38.13

"Selling Basic Spells"

This shop is located to the left of the boat as one enters Valeria Beach, and contains the following spells. The spells Gale and Zephyr can be bought here for twice the cost they are available for at the Mage Tower. The other 4 spells are unique to this shop and cannot be obtained elsewhere.
Spell Name Cost in Voxels
Heal 81 (1 Gold Block)
Wall 162 (2 Gold Blocks)
Gale 324 (4 Gold Blocks)
Zephyr 324
Conjure 405 (5 Gold Blocks)
Stormblock 1296 (16 Gold Blocks)