Teleports and Warps

Each player can warp or teleport across several points on the Vox Populi server map. Most warps/teleports cost a small amount of money and have cooldowns and warmups. However, some warps/teleports have no cost (such as /back) and only require cooldown and warmup periods.

The cost of a warp/teleport is 1 voxel, so if the player wants to warp/teleport they must have some voxels in inventory. The player isn't charged for the warp/teleport until after it's been completed.

During the warm up, the player must stay still for 15 seconds for the warp/teleport command to engage. If the player moves, the command is cancelled. After each warp/teleport, a player must wait approximately 5 minutes for the command to cooldown before being able to warp/teleport again.


The following are the currently available warps. Warps with [vb] after them are located in Valeria Beach.

Creating a WarpEdit

To create a warp the player has to type /setwarp [warpname] (i.e.: /setwarp Atlantis) and needs a total of 3000 Voxels in his inventory or the town bank, if the warp is created from inside a town. After a warp is set, every player can access the warp by typing /warp [warpname] (i.e. /warp Skylands) and will be charged one voxel.

Warps can only be deleted by Staff.