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The shop's exterior

The VB Diamond Shop is a store in Valeria Beach where one can trade diamonds for unrivalled donor gear. Cosmic Armor and Master Picks can be bought for a high price in voxels. It is officially known as the Epic Item Shop. The back right corner has a hole leading down to The End Game Shop, an Emblem of Valor merchant is to the right of the entrance.

Diamond ShopEdit

The main counter in the store has 6 NPCs that each sell donor items for various costs in Diamond. These items can also be obtained through donations and feature unique abilities that cannot be obtained otherwise, such as the Power Pick, a valuable pickaxe that allows the player to mine bedrock at the cost of 2 durability each.

Emblem of Valor NPCEdit

Item Cost
Ghastbuster 64 Emblems of Valor
Duskfang 64 Emblems of Valor
Dawnfang 64 Emblems of Valor
Silver Ingot 5 Emblems of Valor
1 Emblem of Valor 15 Fight Commendations
1 Conquest Token 20 Emblems of Valor
1 Emblem of Valor 1 Emblem of Valor (Outdated item)*
  • The Emblem of Valor traded in for the last deal is an old version of the item that is incompatible with the trader, this deal allows those items to be exchanged for a working Emblem of Valor.

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