Minecraft dfwerewolf01

A transformed werewolf

A unique plugin for the Vox Populi realms is that of Werewolves. Similar to the vampirism plugin, it's an infection. Just the same, it takes 1 real-life hour to complete and has its own perks. Unlike vampirism though, players control their transformation after their initial. Also, all buffs given to werewolves are only effective while transformed. These players act as normal humans otherwise. While transformed, however players can only eat raw meats to sustain themselves. While transformed, players have increased unhanded combat, faster speed, and higher jumps. Werewolves also take no fall damage. They can also use nightvision during this time. After 5 minutes, a player can choose to trasform back to a human or wait until sunrise at which time they'll transform automatically. All of this can only be done at night.

Becoming InfectedEdit

Players can be infected with lycanthropy in 3 ways.

  1. Being bitten by an infected player
  2. Being bitten by a wild wolf
  3. Being infected through combat intent

Known CommandsEdit

  • /w s - shows player info
  • /w t - transforms player into werewolf (only at night)
  • /w h - HOWL at the moon
  • /w b [playername] - offer to bite a player
  • /w a - accept a bit spreading lycanthropy
  • /w i - toggles combat intent
  • /w n - toggles nightvision