The Wilderness is the vast unprotected region that exists outside of Towns. It stretches across the map, encompassing every biome in the game, and affords new players the chance to build new homes and enjoy the natural beauty Vox Populi has to offer.

Unlike towns, where activities such as building are restricted to residents, in the Wilderness players are free to create and destroy. Once a player has chosen a place in the Wilderness to build their Home, they are encouraged to set their spawn point there to ensure that, after a long hard day of exploration, they can find their way back.

Compared to the safety offered by towns, the Wilderness is untamed and dangerous. PVP is enabled. Hostile mobs are enabled, and players in the Wilderness have creepers, spiders, and other creatures to contend with.

Note that Griefing — the destruction of other player’s blocks, the murder of their animals, and the harvesting of their crops — is not permitted on Vox Populi. Any player caught doing this on Vox Populi, even in the Wilderness, will be punished for it. Additionally, looting of any form is not allowed on Vox Populi. This includes unlocked chests in the wilderness. Any player caught looting chests will face consequences.

How to Reach the Wilderness Edit

The Wilderness can be reached through several methods:

1. Wander outside of a protected region, such as a town.

2. Type in the command /wilderness. /wilderness will teleport the player to a random location on the map, sending players anywhere from remote mountain peaks to lush tropical jungle. If a player isn’t satisfied with where they’ve landed, they are free to use /wilderness again.

Protecting Yourself from Danger Edit

On arriving in the Wilderness, players are immediately exposed to risks such as mobs (currently disabled), griefers, raiders, and thieves. Common ways to protect oneself and one’s property include:

1. Creating locks on chests, doors, and other objects of value using Vox Populi’s LWC plugin commands or by using a Sign.

2. Creating a new town or joining an existing town. Note that there are restrictions on town placement and that starting and maintaining a town requires Voxels, potential barriers to new players.

3. Playing with friends. Friends can intimidate foes and help to keep an area free of mobs.